Finding Olde Cape Cod: A Scavenger Hunt of Historic Places


Finding Olde Cape Cod, by Linda P. Della Rosa, is a unique coffee table book of sorts. You will go on a scavenger hunt to explore historical places around the Cape and Islands through carefully examining the visual clues in the photographs she took. Upon determining the place, you must set sail for that spot, become an adventurer and a student of history. Since early in her college career, although a biochemistry major, she loved photography and minored in it. Finding Olde Cape Cod is a collection of her original photographs.

Attention adventurers of all ages! This is an historical scavenger hunt of Cape Cod and the Islands for you to have great fun with, by yourself or with a group! Carefully study each set of photographs to pull out the clues as to where these places are. Write notes on the back pages! Explore Cape Cod history like you are a kid again. AHOY!!!!! Enjoy trekking around this wonderful place, so full of interesting history.