Welcome to Bee Mindful®

My Story:

Bee Mindful Skin Care is a woman-owned small business that has evolved into a diverse company over the past seven years, remaining focused on teaching pollinator conservation, especially our precious honey bees. As you peruse the various pages of our website you will find the many items created by me, to include:

Bee Mindful Skin Care product details and where to purchase or how to become a wholesale customer

Bee Mindful Children’s Books – My two Beeatrice the Cape Cod Honey Bee books- where to purchase them and where I will be reading them

Bee Involved – Bee Mindful Pollinator Resources for children and adults

About Me – My Author/Illustrator Biography and why am I a beekeeper

It all started in my humble kitchen making soap for my family and our local beekeepers association. My first born daughter, now forty years old, has very sensitive skin, and this is where I began thinking…creating…then bees…chemistry…more ideas…testing…and Bee Mindful Skin Care was born!

My Philosophy and Mission:

I strive to provide the opportunity for families to choose healthy options for their skin care needs. I do not use any harmful or synthetic ingredients. I do not use any controversial palm oil in any of my products. Our raw unrefined Grade A Ivory Shea Butter is purchased solely from a small village in Ghana where many of the women are widows from war, and are responsible to educate their children. I am proud to be supporting their small business and their children’s education.
I wish to be remembered as the mother and teacher that had a profound positive influence on young people to be mindful of their actions, both for their health and for the greater good of mankind. By protecting and feeding our pollinators, I believe we are sustaining our natural food supply.

Sincerely yours,

Linda P. Della Rosa